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Journey to Wholeness - Online Psychotherapy

Areas of Expertise

Alex uniquely integrates Eastern and Western philosophies and methodologies.




EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)

is a form of psychotherapy that aims at alleviating symptoms and emotional distress related to traumatic events. EMDR addresses all possible concerns relating to any area of life which inhibits the person from achieving their goals. EMDR assimilates the fragments and alleviates the person from experiencing heightened emotions and intrusive thoughts associated with trauma. Memories are then experienced without the original intensity and therefore do not interfere with optimal functioning towards goals.



Integrative Psychotherapy

is a journey which explores all aspects of the psyche through a mutual process of understanding through self-inquiry. Every human being is driven by inherent force towards fulfillment, yet along the journey, inner and outer conditions create circumstances that at first seem as obstacles on the path. On this journey, all experiences are an intimate interweave of what is and what we perceive, and it is this juncture that causes all the angst that brings us to explore who we are fundamentally.


All human beings ask the questions “who am I” and “what is the meaning” of life… We live our lives deeply believing in our conditioned stories until our suffering is unbearable and we begin to question all of our belief systems. In that inner exploration of “who am I” we go through a series of insights and transformations as our understanding becomes ever so subtle.

Nondual Psychotherapy

is a journey into the direct nature of experience and most fundamentally our true essence – pure consciousness. As we stabilize our presence as Being-itself, we will experience what we have been seeking our entire life – Joy.



Somatic Psychotherapy

uses what are called flags to access and change psychic patterns and open room for freedom and openness. Flags are anything that the body expresses in repetitive ways such as moving the hand in a particular way when speaking about a specific topic. Through movement and vocalization, stored information is brought to the surface for integration and thereby the body is freed to express the deepest truths of the spirit. As the body releases armoring, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, creativity, and most of all joy is experienced.

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