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An Exploration of Reality: Attitudes, Assumptions, Projections, Compulsions, Obsessions, Fantasies, Fetishes (AAPCOFF)

An exploration of reality…

What in the world does all this mean?

Our daily life is the playground of what we call inside and outside of me or otherwise stated, the “outside world” and the “inside world”. This world view is understandable as we have divided life into the objects of life – people, places, and things as well as the objects of our inner world called thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Then we enter the domain of the subject of all this experience – the seat of the “idea” of a self witnessing all the externalized objects. The nature of this duality is the confusion of what is reality, where is it localized, and who is experiencing experience. 

In our exploration of reality, we are initially faced with the realization that we carry a background operating system called perception which with deep exploration we come to realize colors all of our experiences. From birth, we undergo a molding process from external influences, primarily our parental figures and society. These experiences, combined with our temperament, create the background unconscious lens of life. 

In order to move from ego to spirit to soul, we must own our own attitudes and assumptions and recognize that there is great limitation in the reputation of belief systems that do not align with spirit, which in essence is in alignment with humanity. 

If we own our beliefs, we can then release outdated patterns and become fresh in the moment, but if we continue to project our beliefs and become entrenched in the notion that we are right, and more so righteous then we will move along the line of objectification all the way to fetishes. At the end of the spectrum, fetishes, all of reality is seen as serving the purpose of the ego. 

Addictions are a prime example of seeing oneself as separated from others and life, as though one is an oasis onto themselves. There, in the lonely space of addiction, we are immersed in the obsession of feeling elated and ignoring the duality we experience.

So, if we want to heal and thrive, we must see that we are the expression of consciousness and that duality leads to ego based assumptions meant for self gratification, sometimes at all cost. There is no freedom in duality.

As Carl Jung suggested in the first stage of Alchemy – we must meet the shadow to heal and that shadow is our projected beliefs without the recognition of the projector. It is as though the projector is not involved in the play of life, yet it is the projector that is making the story. We are therefore caught in a self-created prison begging for release while holding the key in our hand. You are the creator of reality and the one responsible for your salvation.


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Journey to Wholeness - About Alex Boianghu - Psychotherapist | RealityWith Journey to Wholeness, my aim is to make psychotherapy readily available to everyone around the world in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

From my perspective, the goal of therapy is to let go of outdated ways of living that make you feel “stuck” or “in survival mode”, so that you can live in freedom, joy and success. You can learn more about me here.

In addition to psychotherapy, I am offering a variety of courses, practices, articles and videos covering a wide range of psycho-spiritual topics. Please feel free to get in touch with me for a free 15-minute consultation in which we can address your questions and discuss a plan of action for your specific needs.

I am deeply moved to walk together on the path of healing with YOU.  Join me!

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