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Gift Box: Everything in Life is Meaningful

Everything in life is meaningful, imbued with richness and meaning, unless we don’t see the meaning.

Only when we don’t see the meaning is it meaningless.

Meaningless reflects that we are rigid and stuck with the meaning WE have about life, where as life, presence itself, BEING itself, is complete with meaning…. the message of meaning is wrapped in all experience, just open the gift box.

Just open the gift box.


About Alex Boianghu


Journey to Wholeness - About Alex Boianghu - Psychotherapist | Gift BoxWith Journey to Wholeness, my aim is to make psychotherapy readily available to everyone around the world in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Integrative psychotherapy is a journey which explores all aspects of the psyche through a mutual process of understanding through self-inquiry.

I have been trained in both Eastern and Western psychology and philosophy, and I approach therapy in a way that integrates insights from both traditions. In addition, I have specialized in addiction and trauma treatment for the last 12 years and I incorporate EMDR method (Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-processsing) as the cutting-edge tool towards healing.

I am also trained as a Couples’ Therapist and work with couples through all stages of relationship in helping them understand and heal themselves within the context of relationship.

From my perspective, the goal of therapy is to let go of outdated ways of living that make you feel “stuck” or “in survival mode”, so that you can live in freedom, joy and success.

In addition to psychotherapy, I am offering a variety of courses, practices, articles and videos covering a wide range of psycho-spiritual topics. Please feel free to get in touch with me for a free 15-minute consultation in which we can address your questions and discuss a plan of action for your specific needs.

I am deeply moved to walk together on the path of healing with YOU.  Join me!

Journey to Wholeness

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