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How to Release Trauma So You Can Experience Wholeness

Do you know any techniques that could help you release trauma? Have you tried breathing techniques, meditation, or EMDR therapy?

Alex Boianghu is joining me to talk about how trauma can contribute to different patterns in both your health and your relationships, and the many techniques that you can do to work through them.

Alex Boianghu is a dedicated and gifted therapist with over 30 years of study and practice. He uses an integrative approach to therapy, emphasizing psycho-spiritual growth grounded in somatic therapy’s focus on the unity of body and mind. Alex is trained in EMDR, a technique used to help people process and resolve trauma successfully. He is also a gifted couple’s therapist, assisting the partners to reach deep levels of awareness and compassion. 

With compassion and discernment, Alex guides and models how to positively harness the psycho-dynamic energies we all possess to rediscover our common and innate holistic nature.

Together, we cover how to find our expressive energy, tips for settling our nervous system, different breathing techniques and their power, and much more.

If you are struggling with trauma or any uncomfortable feelings that are possibly coming from your past, this episode is going to be really helpful for you.

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